In Vitro Maturation ( IVM )

IVM is an advanced technique in assisted reproduction. In a routine IVF cycle the women receives multiple hormonal injections, resulting in more number of eggs. Of these only the mature eggs are subjected to IVF. In an IVM cycle immature eggs are collected and matured in the lab and later subjected to IVF.

IVM has several advantages over IVF because the procedure requires lesser or no medications.

It is significantly cost-effective
It is way more convenient since regular hospital visits are not required
The amount of emotional stress and side effects are significantly lower for the woman
This technique was designed to cater to PCOS/PCOD patients to avoid excessive hormonal stimulation and OHSS. But clinical research has shown it useful in cases with abnormally high response to gonadotrophin stimulation or patients with poor response, as a part of fertility preservation, oocyte donation program and PGS (Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening) program.
Altogether, IVM is an evolving technique with promising results which can be offered as an alternative to IVF for all infertile patients who have a high number of antral follicles and who are at an increased risk of developing OHSS.

Though the treatment costs lesser than regular IVF Dr. Sowmya Reddy, is pioneer in the IVM treatment and our doctors have successfully offered the IVM treatment to several patients.